The Players

Part of what makes Reckless Moves so fun is that our players each bring a unique experience and personality to the game.

DNDBeyond has become our campaign bag of holding to make checking rules, tracking spells, and keeping our characters up-to-date easy and fast. 

As you listen, take a peek at our DNDBeyond character sheets by clicking on the character sheet image below. 

Meet The Players

The Dungeon Master

Michael Cremean

Our Dungeon Master extraordinaire, Michael Cremean brings the most DND experience to our group, having played the game since AD&D.  Managing a business and musicians, Michael is very adapt at wrangling in all variety of beasts, and the Players keep him on his toes.  🙂

Michael uses his background of performing, sound engineering and technology to attempt to bring the game to life for the Players. He includes fun, nonsense, suspense, and danger. (In your head, hear Danger Zone by Archer) Michael adds an amazing variety of NPC and Pet voices to this world we get to play in. 

The Party

Leanne Petitt

Leanne is relatively new to DND, creating her first character in 2016. Having a background in theatre, childcare, education, and design, she brings a fresh variety of improv and personality to the campaign. Who better to play a character with multiple personalities than a Gemini?

Leanne's Current Character

Brynn Avalie

Brynn is an Eladrin Ranger who, when found along a roadside, was adopted and raised by Drow. Growing up, she felt out of place in the dark and the light. Seeking adventure in the world, she desires to learn about her natural parents, and her true ancestry.  

Kale Petitt

Kale has been playing DND since 2016 when he was first introduced to the world of role-playing. A naturally quiet introvert, Kale wanted to use DND to help him come out of his shell more. Who would have thought it would be HIS character that would be the inspiration for our name – Reckless Moves! A dad of 4, Kale brings a never-ending supply of dad jokes and awkward silences to the campaign.

Kale's Current Character

Crispen Emberfury

Crispen is a Fire Genasi Barbarian, who embodies the idea of Reckless Moves. One who prefers to dive into the action, Crispen grew up Kulundi in the Bright Lands, never knowing his father but loyal to his Mother Feyrina. Crispen left his job as City and Traderoute Defender for tougher challenges.

Jakob Petitt

The youngest member of our group, Jakob began playing DND at the ripe young age of 10. He brings a fresh, doe-eyed innocence to this campaign and is excited to see how he will grow both as his character and as a player. Play on, young Padawan!

Jakob's Current Character


A Dragonborn Sorceror from Dhabiya, a port city, Marquail was in training when a Wild Magic surge destroyed part of the school’s library. Feeling ashamed, Marquail left the city to train on his own, hoping to replace the damaged books and redeem himself in his homeland.

Dominic Sorreta

Dominic has been playing DND since 2014 as a DM and a player. With a background in psychology and design, Dominic has a talent for capturing a situation and enhancing our experience through ambiance and background music. Whenever we’re done with a session the first question that comes to mind is – how does that make you feel?

Dominic's Current Character


Sariel, a Wildhunt Grave Cleric, hails from Admundfort in the Nyr Dyv sea. While she is actual royalty, the circumstances of her birth led to her status being hidden from the world. Sariel left to serve the Raven Queen, and while bullied as a youth, is fiercely loyal to those she befriends. She does want to reconnect with family, but will she ever be accepted, or, more importantly, accept herself?

Alisa Garza

Even though Reckless Moves is the first campaign she has been a part of in a long time, Alisa has been an active part of the live action role-playing world for many years. A MacGyver of crafts, Alisa always has a new project she is working on with some new material she has found whether it is sewing up a new costume, polishing up a new prop, or whipping up a new hat for a party. So we can only ask – What IS her character going to make with all those teeth?

Alisa's Current Character

Talfeth Truestorm

The home of the Truestorms is the Mountain City of Irondelve in the Iron Hills. When a political power-play led to his Father causing his Mother’s death, Talfeth was devastated. While still an heir to the Throne, Talfeth felt the pressure, stares and sympathy for the tragic events. Dedicating his life to Good, Tafelth studied and became a Paladin.   Deciding to leave Irondelve, Talfeth seeks redemption from his guilt, hoping to return to restore his family name. 

Mark Miller

“Yo Yo Baby!!”

A recent lover of DND as well, Mark is the newest member of our gaming family. Overflowing with creative enthusiasm, Mark brings his background in graphic design to add a splash of color to our characters and designing our awesome logo. Showing us that big impact can come in small packages, Mark brings an infectious laugh, playful pranks, and a myriad of fluffy creatures (much to Talfeth’s delight) that make our halfling whole.

Mark's Current Character

Birch 'Twig' Twigglesby

Twig is an Arcane Trickster Halfling Rogue, who fled his hometown of Lurken’s Field after being possessed by a Demon. A powerful Druid saved him, providing an amulet to keep the Demon at bay. Twig searches for a way to be rid of the hold the Demon Tarnhem, and safely return to connect with his family.