The Players

Part of what makes Reckless Moves so fun is that our players each bring a unique experience and personality to the game.

DNDBeyond is our Campaign ‘bag of holding’ to character sheets, sourcebooks, dice rollers and move.

As you listen, take a peek at our DNDBeyond character sheets by clicking on the character sheet image below. 

Meet The Players

The Dungeon Master

Michael Cremean

Our Dungeon Master  Michael Cremean brings the most DND experience to our group, having played the game since AD&D.  Managing a business and musicians, Michael is very adapt at wrangling all variety of beasts, and the Players keep him on his toes.  🙂

Michael uses his background of performing, sound engineering and technology to attempt to bring the game to life for the Players. He includes fun, nonsense, suspense, and danger. (In your head, hear Danger Zone) Michael adds an amazing variety of NPC and Pet voices to this world we get to play in, and he realizes his plans will likely get thrown out. 

The Party

Leanne Petitt

Leanne is relatively new to DND, creating her first character in 2016. Having a background in theatre, childcare, education, and design, she brings a fresh variety of improv and personality to the campaign. Who better to play a character with multiple personalities than a Gemini?

Leanne's Current Character

Brynn Avalie

Brynn is an Eladrin Ranger who, when found along a roadside, was adopted and raised by Drow. Growing up, she felt out of place in the dark and the light. Seeking adventure in the world, she desires to learn about her natural parents, and her true ancestry.  

Melinda Barkhouse

Hello! Im Melinda! Together with my Husband Rob we play in or DM multiple games each week. Continuing to learn and expand game play has been an amazing way to break through all that “How do you make friends as an adult” stuff. Turns out its pretty easy, when you find the right tables. Thrilled to be part of this season of Reckless Moves.
(Melinda is also the DM of Wizards and Wine!)

Current Character

Maximiliana the Majestic

‘Max’ is a Giff Ranger. She enjoys big guns, and things that go boom. 

Roger Hamilton

I started playing Dungeons and Dragons in the early 1980’s as a DM. Once I got my friends into it some of them started to DM as well so I got to be a player too. We played for about 10 years before life got in the way. Fast forward to 2019 and I got back into it thanks to my son who found my old stuff and got in it himself.  He introduced me to the 5th edition, and here we are years later.  I still love the game as much as I ever did when I was a kid. (Roger is also a DM for Pop Culture Cosmos)
Current Character

Ridley Quinn

A Shadar-kai Rogue, Ridley can hide into the Shadow(fell). He is a mystery, wrapped in an enigma, and will literally stab you in the back.

Matt Pearl

Matt started playing DND over the pandemic, creating his first character in late 2020, and loves towing the line between immersive roleplay and min/maxing his characters for maximum impact. As someone who works in a corporate job, Matt likes using DND as a creative outlet and an opportunity to step out of himself for a few hours–and as a chance to try out some bad (great) puns.
Current Character


An Autognome Armorer Artificer, RKM is designed by ??? and has a mission to ???. Watch to find out!

Rob Ross

Rob came to D&D almost naturally! Having studied Improv and acting, Rob bring a little pinch of Chaos to every character he plays, be it an elderly Warlock or a smarter than your average Barbarian. Voices and RP are some of his favorite parts of sitting down at the table.
(Rob is also the DM of Vampires and Vitae!)

Current Character

Gust Oddglow

Gust is an Air Genasi Barbarian, who may not be as dumb as he lets on. When raging, he grows an Epic Ice Mohawk.  

Mandi Elliot

Mandi loves the exciting, goofy fun that DND affords her. She is always looking for out-of-the-box ideas and loves to keep things interesting. (Read: throw out the DM’s plans).
Outside of DND, she loves the outdoors, and trying new activities.
Current Character


It is a Plasmoid Warlock called Ooblek (Or just OO). He serves GOO, and is sometimes a ball of goo, and sometimes a humanoid. Who knows what it will do next?