Season 1 Listener Guide

Campaign Overview – Greyhawk

Season 1 is set in the land of Greyhawk, home of the greatest city in Oerth, the Grand City of Greyhawk.  Greyhawk dates back to the 1970’s and the beginnings of Dungeons and Dragons.  The Players come from various locations in Greyhawk, brought together by a mysterious message.  

Over time, they have learned that there are deeper connections between the Characters than they realized.  Our Heroes are collectively called the Party or ‘ NAB’, which has a hidden meaning.  The Characters inform people that ‘NAB’  is ‘Notorious and Battleborn’. 

This Campaign is a combination of Modules and Homebrew, with some connected Lore and Character Backstories that can be intricate. Even the Players don’t know all the Character connections and what Evil lurks in the land. This Overview and Lists are hopefully helpful for our Podcast Listeners to keep track of the NPCs and Organizations in this Campaign. 

Acolytes of Suel

The major Organization that the Party  is facing is the Acolytes of Suel. The Acolytes are a hidden group within the Scarlet Brotherhood, and have the goal to rule Greyhawk. They believe in the doctrine of ‘by any means necessary’, including murder, kidnapping , bribery and torture. They are incredibly well financed. It is unknown how many Mayors, Governors or Kings are either members or under their influence. They see political power as a means to their desired end.

The Acolytes have also paid for bounties on the NAB, and have successfully captured NAB member Marquail.  Out to find their friend, the Party investigated, killed or captured members including Ennen Rathicor and Antonius Sabia.  Through a tentative partnership, they were able to get the bounty removed. Futher investigations revealed that the Acolytes have a prison hidden in the Griff Mountains. 

Over the campaign, the Party learned in addition to Marquail’s capture, that Brynn’s Sisters, long thought to be dead were alive and in the hands of the Acolytes. 

Acolytes ‘Partnerships’

It has been discovered that the Acolytes have been around long enough to have Spies, Servants and Guards helping them achieve their goals. One Spy was found to have been within the walls of Arnanum, in the Elven King Andorinal’s  Guards.  When one Demonic Being killed Talfeth and stole his soul, it was discovered that the origin was in the walls of Irondelve, Talfeth’s City.  (Talfeth was only brought back due to a very expensive Wish Spell).  Arnanum and Irondelve are the only known infiltrations by the Acolytes.  In addition to Spies and Demons, it was discovered that the Acolytes Prison’s Portal Entrance was guarded by Evil Giants, some of the most powerful beings in the land.

Relevant NPCs

This table is to help newer listeners to our Podcast understand the important NPCs and Organizations in Season 1.  We’re putting the NPCs in Alphabetical Order by Name.

AdanElfTailor of the Gray Elves. Known to create fine works and magical items.Arnanum
AdusHalflingPartner of Gezu, and junior partner in his Alcohol Delivery Business. Knows Zeif really well. Barakhat
AesedHumanOlivia Ashegarden's Advisor, Guarding Olivia.Axeport
Allenin AshegardenHumanSariel's Father Roberts Cleric. DEAD.Ashegarden Keep
Allina BergfisonDwarfRoyal Advisor to Talfeth, on Irondelve Council, and named Hand of King, ruling in Talfeth's absence.Irondelve
AltlanElfPaladin, and Lieutenant to King and Queen YolandeArnanum
AmandaHumanGreen leather armor amd dressed in green, this is a form that Molamma has taken to check-in on the Party.Maiden of Azure
Andorinal YolandeElfBrynn's Father. King of Grey Elves. He is the center of a vast communication hub of Sending Stones.Arnanum
EndormaDragonBlack Dragon and Mother of Nightscale, the Young Black Dragon that the NAB slayed.Uknown
AnsalarMerfolkKing of MerfolkUnknown
Antonius SabiaHumanLieutenant and Enforcer for Acolytes of Suel. Captured by Party and struck a deal to inform on what happens within organization. Unknown if that deal is being kept.Calbut
ArelDragonbornInnkeeper at The Scarlet Axe , Transportation Circle LocationDhabiya
Arys BorneHumanMagician Supplicant of Suma DuliSariel's Castle
AstraHumanSariel's Past LoveAdmundfort
BillyHumanRuns the The Red Door - A Leatherworking Shop, offering custom specialized leather garments.Scant
BiumurraGold Ancient DragonMarquail's Mother, and an Ancient Gold DragonHidden CIty west of Dhabiya
Calphun, Tengen, BiraElvesMissing Sisters of Brynn, and Daughters of Andirinol and Rhialta Yolande. Thought to be killed in a raid, later discovered to have been kidnapped and held prisoner.Unknown
CarlyHalflingOwner of the Yellow Monk Verbobone
CirduiliElfBartender at Bellmeadow TavernBellmeadow
ConiHumanServed Mothire, but was unaware of Mothire's position in Acolytles of Suel. Drunkard,Ishtlal
DrieliaHumanUknown Status as Member of Acolytes of Suel.Unknown
EliodElfFormer servant of Acolytes of Suel. DEAD.Ashegarden Keep
Ennen RathicorHumanLieutenant of Acolytes of Suel. Captured by Party, and a deal was struck to let her live. Desires to kill Sula Dani and take over the organization. Unknown
Eva OlingoHumanProprieter, World's End TavernGreyhawk
Fortob BurropUnknownStrange Bull-headed Large Humanoid Being who claimed to be asked by Cineri, Crispin's Father, to keep an eye on Crispin.Unknown
Galtev BuckHumanDruid. Owns a burned out estate spotted near Greyhawk, raising money to refurbish. Greyhawk
Gamin AtlendotrDwarfTalfeth's Cousin, Cleric, and on Irondelve CouncilIrondelve
Gethrum SorumHumanLieutenant of Acolytes of SuelUnknown
GezuDragonbornAlcohol Distributor based in Barahkat in ZeifBarakhat
Gilgasu MogonDragonbornBronze Dragonborn host of the Arena.Greyhawk
Gillian MolayHumanYellow Monk Inn in Verbobone, seen by Scrying. Has been been seen since. Verbobone
GylewHumanBandit Captain. When the Party left him live a long time ago, he changed his ways. Later he would be hired as a crewmember of the NAB's ship the Maiden of Azure.Maiden of Azure
Haga AtlendotrDwarfSigra's Sister. Sigra was Talfeths mother, so Talfeth's Aunt. Manipulative and Conniving. DEAD from a failing to control a Demon sent to kill Talfeth.Irondelve
Jordan AstonHumanCaptain of the Greyhawk GuardGreyhawk
KhammiluDragonbornKhammilu has bronze scales and amber eyes Khammilu has an animal companion, a green firedrake named Abilit. Proprieter of the finest Inn in Greyhawk.Greyhawk
Leroy, Jenkins, Alex, LeefsonHumansSea Patrol Guards that stopped the Maiden of Azure coming back from a long voyage. Party made a good impression, and gave them gifts.
MichaelHumanPrioprieter, The Cracked Goblet, Merchant ShopScant
MionaeliElfLt of King and Queen YolandeArnanum
Molamma EnselHuman Lives in Cave on Island Northwest of South Port Azure. Can Shapeshift, and loves to transform to Dolpins, Seagulls, Dragonborn, Humans and others. Over 1500 years old.Island
MothireElfReported to Ennen Rathicor of Acolytes of Suel. Ran Assassins. Discovered by Party and Killed. DEAD.Ishtlal
NamhalaDragonbornInstuctor at Andamun , Magical school at center of Dhabiya. Marquial's Instructor.Dhabiya
NisabElfMarquail's Father. Mayor of Dhabiya.Dhabiya
Ognar AtlendotrDwarfFighter of Renown, on Irondelve CouncilIrondelve
Olivia AshegardenHumanSariel's Mother, Queen of Ashegarden. When her life was in danger, she was taken to Axeport to hide. Guarded by loyal Guards.Axeport
Petula UnderhillHalflingTwig's ex-flameLurken's Field
RaffinHalflingHead of Magical Defense, and the most powerful Wizard the Party has run across. Helped raise Talfeth from the dead though a Wish. Greyhawk
RaldaGnomeOwner of Ralda's Wonderous Quill, a shop where Twig would later die and get resurrected.Scant
Rhialta YolandeElfBrynn's Mother. Queen of Grey Elves.Arnanum
Robert AshegardenHumanSariel's Natural Father. DEAD.Ashegarden Keep
Rose TwigglelsbyHalflingTwig's Mom. Owner of Winery.Lurken's Field
Sula DaniHumanLeader of the Acolytes of Suel.Unknown
SumilaHumanWas a friend of Robert and knows Olivia, since the Ephimicir and the Ashegardens are age-long friends. Hidden City by Bhabiya
SunanaiHumanTakes orders from Ennin Rathicor, who said she was speaking for Mothire, but was actually teleporting and giving orders.Kale Sosis
Svlarla AthalbenTeiflingProprieter, Wizards Hat InnGreyhawk
UlfgardMaleAshegarden GuardAshegarden Keep
VandreHumanDruid Bounty Hunter, who tried to locate and collect bounty on Twig. Killed by Party. DEAD.Falwur
WeymanHumanOlivia Ashegarden's Cleric, Guarding OliviaAxeport
Wietta AshegardenHumanSariel's Father's Roberts Advisor. DEAD.Ashegarden Keep
Ashegarden GuardAshegarden Keep