Reckless Moves is an organic result of recording our home game of D&D 5e. Dungeons and Dragons, to us, is more than a RPG. This is a creative outlet which is filled with both dramatic moments and tons of laughter. There is one thing for sure in our games – ridiculous things will happen. It evolved into a Podcast with 94 Episodes for Season 1, and Season 2 added live streaming games and the podcast.

Our DM Michael Cremean has been a DM and played D&D since AD&D. Now on 5e, the game has evolved to be more accessible to new players. He said, “Over the years, the game has evolved through many incarnations, but the creativity and improvisational nature of the game has always been there. Not only is it incredibly fun, but D&D has been a creative outlet, like music, and the process has been cathartic.  It activates a creative side of my brain I need fed.  Season 1 was  very personal, since (Michael) played the modules which (The Party are) experiencing what I did as a Player myself when they came out. It is so fun to revisit some of those great memories of Greyhawk and take Players through those updated modules.” 

The Players are all based in Las Vegas (except 1 back East)  and most of us work in a Creative and/or Technical job. You can see the Character Profiles from DND Beyond and find Player Interviews on the Pod.

The Podcast came about from just deciding to record the home game, and the feedback was that people had a good time listening.  Some quotes were ‘You guys are stupid funny’ (Not sure if that is a compliment?), ‘Made me Laugh’. 

We also got some ‘According to Rule ‘Blah Blah’ on Page ‘Who Cares’ of the ‘Very Important Book’ Feedback.  Yes, we do adhere to MOST of the rules, but, like in music, we learn the rules to know when to break them. One of the great things about D&D is that the rules are a guide. We’re here to have a good time.  That being said, we welcome your Feedback

We all hope you sit back, join us and enjoy the ride.

– Reckless Moves