Season 1

Overview from the DM

Season 1 is set in the World of Greyhawk, which was where most of D&D modules were set in the 70’s and 80’s. Originally started as a project of Gary Gygax. Developing over many years, some of the most iconic Modules developed were set in Greyhawk, including some we’re exploring here that have been updated for D&D 5e.

We do play Dungeons and Dragons Fifth Edition (D&D 5e) with a combination of Modules, most from the ‘Tales of the Yawning Portal’ series, and Homebrew elements.  While we mostly use 5e rules, we have adopted several House Rules which are designed to both make the game more enjoyable, simplify some elements and increase game pace. (You can check out the House Rules to learn more, or listen to Session 1 of the Podcast)

We’re going to be taking the Players from Level 1 to 20 (if they live).  In the event of a Player death, the person will create a new Character and be able to continue at the same level, with the Caveat it cannot be the same Race or Class. It will be a completely new Character, and will connect with the Party through means 

In the Modules, we may change certain aspects, to make certain fights either more or less difficult. We may also connect Monsters and NPC’s to other Homebrew parts or character’s backstories. 

Below you’ll find the actual very beginning of our Season, which was what the Players received in our first day of play. (You can hear this and the pre-podcast overviews in the first Podcast Sessions)

Quest for the Tomb


In the land of Greyhawk, since your childhood you have heard of the Tomb of Acererak. The Tomb is a vault filled with rich treasures and protected by Guardians both powerful and mysterious, including, if you believe the legends,  the demilich Acererak.. Tales have it that Acererak possesses powers that make him nearly undefeatable, and he still haunts the Tomb to this day.  As time has a way of doing, the tale shifts and ebbs.  Parents use the tale to make children behave, with threats of sending them “to the Tomb”.

Depending on where you heard it,  The Tomb might be near Greyhawk Castle, or east of Dragonlance in the White Plume Mountains. Some say Acererak still walks among the ruined Tower of High Sorcery east of the Mountains in the Bright Desert.

The location is lost to time, but perhaps the most powerful Adventurers will be able to delve into the depths, survive of the dangerous locales that may yield the clues necessary to find The Tomb.

Intro to the Players

Your tale begins….

Upon awakening, as you prepare your morning meal, you hear a knock at the door. Curious, as visitors are not usually so discourteous as to disturb morning preparations, you go to the door, but no one is there. On the ground outside your door is a unremarkable leather tube. Looking around, you see no people, so this is certainly curious. As you reach for it, a name appears in beautiful script in glowing golden letters…. yours.  Shocked, you find  you cannot help yourself but reach down and open the tube, to find a parchment inside. Opening it up, you see the following message.

(Letter Delivered to Players)


You have been chosen. This divining rod has selected you. Only the gods know why.

Are you afraid? You should be. Most that answer the call to adventure never return to tell the tale.

However, some that reach into the depths of their soul, overcome fear, and venture forth into the unknown – become legends.

Should you choose to answer the call, present yourself at the Ol’ Boar Inn in the Town of Thawr in Bissell,  on Saturday at Dusk, on the Eve of the Summer Solstice.

Seek Kerowyn Hucrele.


Bards sing no tales of people that stay home.