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Episode ListDescriptionDate PublishedLink
S1E94: FarewellHaving saved Greyhawk, the NAB, deemed Legends of Greyhawk, celebrate and make plans for what comes next in their Lives, Kingdoms and Enterprises.

Weddings and Funerals help honor and prepare our heroes for lives worth living.
11/29/21Play Episode
S1E93: The Final CountdownTeleporting to the Abyssal Gate, the NAB, the heroes of Greyhawk, face off with an unknown army of evil.

Teleporting to the Abyssal Gate, the NAB face off with an unknown army of evil. 

Their mission is to close the Abyssal Gate before the denizens of the Abyss can pour into Greyhawk and rain fire and brimstone on the populace... and all their loved ones. 

They must win, or the land is lost.  No pressure...
11/15/21Play Episode
S1E92: For Brevity's Sake!With some final 'fare thee wells', or goodbyes, depending on the outcome, our heroes have achieved level 20. 

Final preparations are made, and our heroes are transported to the Abyssal Gate. 

For Brevity's Sake, we'll leave it at that...

11/8/21Play Episode
S1E91: Talking HeadsWith a surprise awaiting them upon returning to Arnanum, the Elven City, our heroes decide to interrogate some old adversaries. The only challenge is that only heads remain of some villains in the bag of holding. Brynn brings out a couple old 'friends' to Speak with the Dead. Appropriate for our Halloween episode, huh? 11/1/31Play Episode
S1E90: A Raging WhaleOur party comes up with the most ridiculous plan yet, and that is saying a LOT.

It would be pretty reckless to drop 300 tons of falling objects on the enemy tower, wouldn't it?
10/18/21Play Episode
S1E89: That‘s a Crate Idea!The NAB heads deep into Drow territory, seeing out the Arnan Tower. (Which they call the Drow-er)

To get more information, the party uses a spell to 'disguise' themselves, but you can't disguise behavior. Will they make it through?  Will Brynn's adoptive Mother Elsanin still be in Sedhane? Will there be more rhetorical questions asked  in this synopsis?

Tune in and find out...
10/11/21Play Episode
S1E88: It's Not Every Day You Find Out It Is Your Birthday!Earthquake! Wait, was that a spell?

After dodging the authorities (again), our intrepid heroes head back to Arnanum, where a surprise awaits for Brynn.

A great celebration ensues... Is this the calm before the storm?
10/4/21Play Episode
S1E87: The Lucky Monkey is not so LuckyFinding the aftermath of a brutal attack, our intrepid heroes take the two halves of Elil's body for an attempted Resurrection.

Will this ally come back? If so, what will she report?

The NAB investigates the source of this murder squad ravaging the land, and who sent them...
9/27/21Play Episode
S1E86: I touch it with my magic wand...The NAB runs into a few 'old friends' for a little 'wet work'. Why have an extended battle when you can deceive and assassinate?

Later, the party find an amazing, dangerous and massively explosive device.

Was it the red, green or blue wire?
9/20/21Play Episode
S1E85: Can I have an AstralGateMirror with a side of C-C-Counterspell?With a poke in the eye to the person who said 'Keep It Simple Stupid', our intrepid heroes concoct their most complicated plan yet. (And that is saying a lot...)

Why sneak up on an enemy if you can bring the enemy to us?
9/13/21Play Episode
S1E84: Ready...Steady...Fire!The NAB heads deeper into Emburh Territory, seeking Sullco and Arys Borne's locations.

On the way, a very, very reckless test shot is fired from the Arcane Cannon aboard their ship the Reckless Abandon.

What was that they fired out into the wilderness as a test shot? It's a bird, it's a raven, no it is a....
9/6/21Play Episode
S1E83: Fighting Pits and Stranger DangerNear the dock in Sasserine the party finds and Underground Rogue's Bar with a Fighting Pit. After Crispin stops drooling, the Party gambles on his fight with no magic allowed!

New 'friends' are made with the owner Zanna and a Dwarf named Riswynn, who runs the famous 'Riswynn's Family Jewels'.

Fighting Pits, Meeting with Strangers and a Journey into Enemy Territory. In other words, a typical night for the NAB...
8/30/21Play Episode
S1E82: Ship Shape in SasserineThe Reckless Abandon sails into the island city of Sasserine, with Captain Anton Quila 'acting' as the captain and our heroes all in disguise.  

Will the ruse pass muster with his boss Poma?    Will the trap work?  Can our heroes navigate the streets and riverways of Sasserine? Well, without getting caught, imprisoned or killed... 
8/23/21Play Episode
S1E81: Old Gods and a New PlanThe NAB faces down the foul demon and undead released from the broken mirror, and resolve this battle in a surprisingly non-reckless way!  

On the Beach, Twig talks to the sentient weapon Wave, and they break up!  Twig has a new God, Olidamurra, and a new...interesting...weapon.

Saying some goodbyes, Molamma and Biumurra leave with the rescued friends from the Mirror, and the remaining 'baddies' are hidden away in a Demiplane. 

Heading to Sasserine, the party formulates a plan to capture the elusive Poma, the boss of the captured Captain Anton Quila. Well, a 'plan' is stretching it a bit...
8/16/21Play Episode
S1E80: Is a Broken Mirror Really Bad Luck?The NAB has released someone from the Mirror of Life Stealing. Question: If someone wakes up, and loses a few hundred years while in stasis, will they go mad?

Further shenanigans are sure to happen. Is Molamma a dad? Who is this Tiefling necromancer? What is that disgusting creature in the mirror? Most importantly, what would happen if the mirror broke?
8/9/21Play Episode
S1E79: A Bang-up JobOur heroes execute a ship-to-ship combat. Sharks, Brooms, Fireballs, and Insects, Oh My!

The NAB doesn't do anything normally, including rescuing people from the Mirror of Life Trapping.

Welcome to the Future!
8/2/21Play Episode
S1E78: Who's the Most Reckless?This is a special episode celebrating over 2 years of the campaign. This is an Interview episode where we revisit some of the most reckless, interesting and heartfelt moments of the campaign thus far, with 7 characters and the DM.

Laughter is good medicine... but then again so is Healing Word. 🙂
7/26/21Play Episode
S1E77: On Reckless AbandonThe party has some  'interesting' interactions in Arnanum.  Zboha draws some blood, while Andironal and Molamma fight like... old friends.

Afterward, the party heads back on the Reckless Abandon, sailing to Molamma's island to deal with The Mirror, a thunderous sound is heard... and a splash.
7/19/21Play Episode
S1E76: Mirror, MirrorHeading back to Arnanum to assess the fallout from the Acolytes font of information about the NAB, they learn of recent attacks on Arnanum and Irondelve.

Using a couple magical mirrors and a crystal ball, the party tries to learn more about the mysterious Minela Ka.
7/12/21Play Episode
S1E75: Talking to the Dead and an Evil BookAfter the NAB's victory, they interrogate the dead to learn more about who is pulling the strings in the planned coup of Greyhawk.

Moving back to the surface they find an escape route which exits near an Evil Book on an Altar. Nothing ever goes wrong attacking an Evil Book, right?
7/5/21Play Episode
S1E74: The Fight for Marquail’s SoulHeading to the depths of Carver's Pit, the party faces some of the fiercest and hated enemies. In the throne room, Sula Dani, the remaining Drow from The Brimthi family, and their many bodyguards feel confident that they will keep Marquail's Soul in the Soul Cage.

The NAB has other ideas...
6/28/21Play Episode
S1E73: A Surprise for Carver’s PitWith the newly acquired BlackFrost, the NAB hitches a ride with Biumurra, Marquail's Ancient Gold Dragon Mother, to raid Carver's Pit. A reported base of the Acolytes of Suel, our heroes approach with unusual stealth and guile. They might have a 'surprise' in store for the guards in the base, or a 'surprise' waiting for them.6/21/21Play Episode
S1E72: Into the RiftHeading deeper into the Jek-Lorius caverns, the Party faces greater challenges, and faces their demons. 

Seeing the Portal to the Rift, where they are trying to forge this weapon, some fiends have other ideas. Will they make it to the Jek-Lorius Rift, and get out alive? Will all these months of effort pay off, or end in their doom?
6/14/21Play Episode
S1E71: With a Little Help from Our FriendsIn Ladria's Tower, the party begins by facing a horde of demons laying siege. Facing these monstrous odds, the NAB calls in some favors, and finds a creative way to try and turn the tide.

Getting a fast ride, our heroes cross the desolate wasteland of the Sea of Dust, witnessing shattered and missing cities along the way.

Arriving at the Jek-Lorius Crater, they enter the gaping maw to seek the rift to forge this new weapon. Let's hope they don't fox it up.
6/7/21Play Episode
S1E70: Is There a Water Glass Nearby?Our heroes have to choose between a risky path, and...um, another risky path. Would you take an 80% roll and instantly have an Epic Weapon, but 20% destroys all you worked for. Alternatively, you can head into the Sea of Dust into some ominous pits to forge the weapon, assuming you live. 🙂

The NAB has to make a choice. What would you do?
5/31/21Play Episode
S1E69: Reunion: The Calm Before the StormHeading East to Gannaway, the NAB escorts the Piplinarcusa family home. (Sounds like it is spelled!) After some 'revelries' and meeting some interesting local characters, our heroes return to Arnanum for some family reunions before heading back into danger.5/24/21Play Episode
S1E68: Battle for the ThroneWith some new allies, the Notorious and Battle-born form a plan to defeat King Snurre, the usurper of the throne of Fire Giants. Will this motley group of former enemies and newly released prisoners be able to defeat King Snurre, and recover the final piece of the epic weapon they are seeking to forge?5/17/21Play Episode
S1E67: Prison BreakThe Party, having just killed the guards, now tries to find Zilpip's family, who was taken prisoner from their home in nearby Gannaway. They find some interesting prisoners, and one is a massive humanoid with some special shackles. Will they find his family, and is this nearby prisoner a friend or foe?5/10/21Play Episode
S1E66: We Don't Make Bad ChoicesThe NAB forges onward into the caverns seeking the source of the Drow incursion. Sometimes quietly, sometimes with massive explosions, our heroes trek deeper into the caverns. Finally clear of the denizens, the Party finds a secret way up to... the prison! What could go wrong here?5/3/21Play Episode
S1E65: Lava is HotAfter explosions bring friends to say 'HI' , (with axes and crossbows) the NAB spends some time forging on in the caverns, finding a lava river, and creating entertaining ways to slay Drow. After finding the secret entrance to the fortress, the Party finds a creative way to greet the prison guards.4/26/21Play Episode
S1E64: Loot Crazy and the Fireball FriendsAfter Brazzemal fled the scene, the party looted his hoard, and had a good rest in the cavern. Leaving feeling frisky, our heroes ran into some Giants and Drow, having a pretty good fight. Toward the end, someone cast a Fireball, which made a massive, extremely noisy explosion in these Underdark caverns. Gee, I wonder if any heard?

4/19/21Play Episode
S1E63: Which Dragon is Real?Delving into the cavern level of the Fortress of the Fire Giants, the NAB finds some strange creatures and new challenges.  Running into a couple Red Dragons, and they wonder which one of them is real?4/12/21Play Episode
S1E62: Who Wants Fish?Fresh off a victory, our heroes head across the river and through the mountain pass to seek Fibra, a Cloud Giant Ambassador, in the Fire Giant Fortress. On the way, they encounter some spies and take one hostage. What will they learn? How will the NAB handle this Fortress? Who wants fish?4/5/21Play Episode
S1E61: Mama is MadThis episode has our heroes confronted by Endorma, the mother of the slain Nightscale. She has been tracking the party for a while, and finally found them in the open. Will the NAB survive, and who the heck is Zilpip?3/29/21Play Episode
S1E60: A Dangerous SunsetSaying goodbye to the family, Twig and the Party leave the Laughing Rogue Winery, hopefully not for the last time.  While the NAB prepare to head into the fire, literally, they arrive by Teleportation Circle in the City of Hokar. Heading West to attempt to acquire the last piece of an Epic Weapon. Driving into the sunset, suddenly a familiar massive shadow appears...3/22/21Play Episode
S1E59: The Laughing Rogue WineryAfter a heartfelt parting with Thrag, the Dire Wolf, the NAB finds themselves with some dangerous times ahead. Before diving into danger once again, the NAB joins Twig on his first trip home since his deadly  encounter with Tarnhem the Balor.   Twig reunites with his eclectic family, and the party is surprised at the opulence of the Twigglesby Estate, with its sprawling vineyards that fuel the Laughing Rogue wine fortune.

A wonderful feast ensues, and a reunion with a fiance' happens. Will she say yes?
3/15/21Play Episode
S1E58: Biamurra’s mission and a new ‘plan’Camping near the aftermath of the Fortress, the party informs Biamurra the fate of her son. An angered Dragon gives the NAB a mission to recover his soul. Meanwhile, the party finds out who stole it, and might have to ally with a sworn enemy in the future.3/8/21Play Episode
S1E57: Where is the soul, and who is telling Mom?During a meeting with Cloud Giant Derge, the NAB gets a sense of Evil and Fiends, just before the southern wall of the Fortress is shattered. Getting overwhelmed by summoned Demons, in desperation the allies call for 'Plan B' as they run for their lives... and one doesn't make it.3/1/21Play Episode
S1E56: Marquail casts Cone of…Sheep!?In an epic battle, the NAB engages with some water-based enemies, and Marquail ends of doing great damage and turns into... a sheep. The Baaaatle ensues, and a plot is revealed. Heading down a dark tunnel to the Orc Fortress, the NAB seeks out a Cloud Giant Ambassador to pursue info on Waythe. Why do they Detect Evil?2/22/21Play Episode
S1E55: That Lake Looks Fishy…The NAB begins the journey back to the Orc Fortress to seek Waythe, reported to be able to bind the sentient weapons Blackrazor and Frostrazor together. This may forge a weapon to help in their quest to destroy the evil organizations plotting to overthrow Greyhawk. But first... Flying Nautilus Ships and Creepy Lakes provide... um, 'entertainment' for our heroes.2/15/21Play Episode
S1E54: Mmm, Dragon...Wait, it was where?After the Arena Battle, the NAB receives their reward. Enjoying some dining and contemplating what is next, they try Sending some messages, and Scry to find where to go next. They find a shocking clue, perhaps realizing that they might have JUST missed a necessary clue with some old 'friends'.2/8/21Play Episode
S1E53: Into the Arena Our Heroes, sponsored by the powerful magician Raffin, step into the Arena in the Great City of Greyhawk. No one knows who they will fight, but they know it is Level 4, which is rarely survived.2/1/21Play Episode
S1E52: North of the WallAfter heading North out of the protection of the Great City of Greyhawk, the Party finds several tracks to follow. Pursuing one of them, the NAB encounters perhaps their most dangerous foe yet. Sariel recognizes the enemy as 1 of 13 Evil former servants of the Raven Queen, and a furious battle rages. 1/25/21Play Episode
S1E51: Greyhawk and a Hunting TripOur heroes, fresh from uncovering a spy in Irondelve, return to their ship The Maiden of Azure.  Back on the sea, the NAB returns to Greyhawk, and decide to go on a hunting trip to feed the sentient weapon Blackrazor. What could go wrong leaving the safe walls of Greyhawk?1/18/21Play Episode
S1E50: Crimes, Executions and Awkward MomentsThe Party testifies against enemies in Irondelve. With Allina's blessing, the party interrogates the prisoners to learn more about the Acolytes of Suel. Betrayals, executions, nonsense and awkward moments ensue...1/11/21Play Episode
S1E49: Presents, Shrines and AccusationsOur Heroes receive personal presents from Andorinal for their bravery, and Twig is air-lifted to a meeting. The party creates a Shrine in Bellmeadow with the help of some ravens. Later, the NAB travelled a secret way to Irondelve to bring a traitor to justice. 1/4/21Play Episode
S1E48: A Feast for HeroesAfter the reunion of many characters in Arnanum, a feast to celebrate the heroes that rescued the Yolande sisters is scheduled. Crispin reunites with his mother, and the Party learns some clues about the sentient weapons Blackrazor and the newly acquired Frostrazor. Let the celebration begin! 12/28/20Play Episode
S1E47: The ReunionThe Party finds a creative way to find out where they teleported to in the land of Greyhawk. The NAB with their rescued friend and family head to the nearest safe haven, and a long overdue reunion happens.

12/21/20Play Episode
S1E46: What Does This Lever Do?After defeating a slew of foes, and finding out what the 'Pets' were, our heroes search for treasure. Looking for a way to get Brynn's sisters to safety, they find a level in the escape tunnel. What could go wrong?12/14/20Play Episode
S1E45: Release the StormOur heroes have awakened Jarl Grugnar and his guards. After a (very brief) dialogue, the NAB enter the fray and mayhem ensues, with a little help from a recently freed Storm Giant.12/7/20Play Episode
S1E44: Horla and the TokensThe party delved deeper into the Frost Giant stronghold, using a combination of violence and deception. Tricking their way into a meeting with Jarl Grugnar in the morning, the NAB befriends and frees a captured and manacled Storm Giant. Will Horla be the ally they hope for, or lead to their undoing?11/30/20Play Episode
S1E43: Portal, SchmortalHeading into one portal, and defeating the Fire Giant guards, the NAB finds themselves at a literal crossroads. Using Twig to test one portal, they find a one-way street into a Frost Giant Stronghold. Will it be a battle, deception, or flight?11/23/20Play Episode
S1E42: JailbreakSula Dani has fled, and the party needs their prisoner General Tali Brimthi to reveal the the secrets to the jail. The lives of Marquail and the Yolande sisters hang in the balance.11/16/20Play Episode
S1E41: The ShowdownAfter the betrayal. the NAB faces down their enemies, the leadership of the Acolytes of Suel and their spy. This battle had some surprises, while the Party seeks justice and attempts to rescue Marquail and the Yolande sisters. Will Sula Dani be defeated once and for all?11/9/20Play Episode
S1E40: Into the Lair
Finally activating the brightly colored crystals, which open portals, the NAB heads into the lair. Seeing a familiar room from a previous scrying, the Party faces a dangerous foe...and gets betrayed.11/2/20Play Episode
S1E39: Deeper into DangerOur Heroes find another portal to dive deeper into the Lair, running into some increasingly difficult enemies along the way. Will they find their kidnapped friends and family?10/26/20Play Episode
S1E38: Battles, Pyres and PortalsThe NAB leads a small army of Orcs out for revenge! A bloodbath ensues, and our heroes seek a secret method to create a portal to...where?10/19/20Play Episode
S1E37: Viva La Revol-ORC-tionOur heroes got into a massive fight with Giants, Bugbears and Apes. After a well-fought battle, the party found a small army of Orcs - some captured angry rebels and some Giant's slaves. 

Will freeing them turn the tide against the Giants?
10/12/20Play Episode
S1E36: Recklessly Cautious?The Party delves deeper into the Hill Giant's Fortress. The NAB is strangely cautious and finds a massive party of Giants. Will the party be broken up?10/5/20Play Episode
S1E35: Interrogation and Sleeping GiantsInterrogating Antonius Sabia, the NAB makes a bold decision about the Acolytes of Suel. Heading into the Griff Mountains, the party finds a fortress with some sleeping giants near the entrance. Nothing could go wrong here...9/28/20Play Episode
S1E34: We Failed to SuccessThe party heads to the City of Calbut to investigate what happened to Grumogak's Friend Barry, who cannot be reached.9/13/20Play Episode
S1E33: Smash and GrabOur heroes forge onward, to investigate where their enemy Ennen Rathicor is located. Some of the Party, our Cleric and Paladin,  are shocked when Grumogak summons a slain enemy as...an undead minion. 

Arriving in Narleon, they do finally locate Ennen, who has placed a bounty on their heads. Heading to a showdown with her, a battle ensues...  could there be a truce?
8/30/20Play Episode
S1E32: Families and BountiesAfter the summoning of Cinderi, Crispin's father, the party seeks out the location of Feyrina. The NAB attempts to locate, while avoiding those seeking the bounties on their heads.  

On the way to a family reunion, the Party runs into a dangerous stranger...
8/16/20Play Episode
S1E31: Where in the World is Marquail?With the sudden disappearance of the Dragonborn Sorcerer Marquail, the party interrogates Grumogak, a Tiefling Wizard who appeared at the same time.   The Party learns that Frostrazor and Marquail's whereabouts might be found somewhere in the Griff Mountains.  Heading to Crispin's home city of Barakhat to use a Teleportation Circle, a shocking family reunion occurs.8/2/20Play Episode
S1E30: On the Road with Stranger DangerOur heroes, having killed the mysterious Mothire, head out of town on the road to Barakhat. On the way, they escape an assassination attempt, and capture a prisoner.  An interrogation leads to the discovery of a kidnapping plot against Marquail, for leverage against his parents, in a possible power-grab in Dhabiya.  Redirecting to Kale Sosis on this new info, the NAB has a surprise in store for them.7/19/20Play Episode
S1E29: Family Reunions and Riding DragonsThe NAB heads to Dhabiya, where Marquail, our Dragonborn Sorceror, reunites with old friends and family. Trouble interrupts this wonderful event, and perhaps the only help lies with an Ancient relative. Can a nearby and familiar Gold Dragon help in these dire times?7/5/20Play Episode
S1E28: Assassinations and InvestigationsOne of the Party falls, and loses his soul in the process. Can the NAB bring him back?

Our heroes investigate who, or what, is behind this assassination, and learns more about what machinations are going on behind the scenes in Greyhawk.
6/24/20Play Episode
S1E27: A Long Voyage Gets DeepOur heroes, after fleeing (errr, I mean 'calmly leaving) Axeport, take the Maiden of Azure back to the glorious City of Greyhawk.

During the journey the NAB learn more about others, and themselves. A run-in with authorities leads to surprisingly outcomes.
6/7/20Play Episode
S1E26: Crab Meat with Hot Sauce and MurderOur heroes face down a Big Bad and fight their way out of White Plume Mountain. Returning to Axeport, the NAB enjoys their Crab with Hot Sauce, and finds themselves in the wrong place at the right time, or is that the right place at the wrong time?5/24/20Play Episode
S1E25: Boiling Bubble, Toil and TroubleOur Heroes venture deeper into White Plume Mountain, facing Giant Crabs, Massive Golems, Vampires, Werewolves and...themselves. Will the NAB divide or come together over the spoils of battle? Internal struggles can be the toughest battles.5/10/20Play Episode
S1E24: Hot Hallways, Slippery Floors and...Floating Rivers?The NAB heads deeper into the White Plume Mountain, navigating some dangerous areas. Our heroes find familiar enemies, a massive aquarium, and a strange reward.4/26/20Play Episode
S1E23: Pirates and the White PlumeOur heroes battle some Pirates, while attempting to deliver Olivia Ashegarden to safety. Trying to learn who is behind kidnappings and murders, the Party heads toward the White Plume.4/13/20Play Episode
S1 E22: Rescue Attempt in Ashegarden KeepThe NAB infiltrates the Catacombs under Ashegarden Keep, hoping to free Sariel's Mother from her captor. The Party then confronts a confusing enemy and a deadly trap, threatening Olivia with destruction!3/29/20Play Episode
S1E21: Into Arnanum, Elven Mysteries and Dire NewsThe Party is invited into Arnanum, the hidden City of the Grey Elves. Discovering more of Brynn's real history, the NAB celebrate heartily. Heading bak to Irondelve afterward, the Party receives dire news of a kidnapping.3/15/20Play Episode
S1E20: The Return of Talfeth and Brynn's DiscoveryTalfeth returns to Irondelve to discover a usurper to his throne. Later the Party travels through the mountain to the Elven Kingdom, where Brynn seeks to discover her roots in a hidden Elven city.3/6/20Play Episode
S1E19: Greyhawk and an Arena GambleThe Party sails North into the Free City of Greyhawk. After pursuing some personal goals, the NAB takes on the Arena, with a big gamble. Will it pay off?2/12/2020Play Episode
S1E18: Killing TwigTwig's 'Demon Problem' is getting stronger, and the Party struggles and debates Killing Twig, and (hopefullly) bringing him back to attempt a cure. 1/27/20Play Episode
S1E17: A Strange Character and Dangerous QuestAboard the Maiden of Azure, the Party meets a friendly stranger named Molamma, who sends the Party into a dangerous Black Tower. 1/12/20Play Episode
S1E16: Bats, Vampires and a Royal RewardFacing down some serious foes, our heroes bleed, and Twig gets stuck. Returning to Geradil and Courana, the party receives a surprising reward.12/20/19Play Episode
S1E15: Blood in the Puzzle RoomTrying to find a way out, our heroes face a puzzle. They'll solve it when Talfeth Bleeds, and a Twig Flies. What lies inside?12/8/19Play Episode
S1E14: Mirror, Mirror on the WallDeeper into Tamoachan, the Party faces, um, themselves. Which Mirror is the right one?11/25/19Play Episode
S1E13: Tigers, Badgers and Wolves, Oh My!Too many felines, especially for our Thrag and, Crispin? What is the Party going to do meow?10/25/19Play Episode
S1E12: Into the Temple RuinsHeading into South Fort Azure, the Party meets some old friends, who send them on a Quest, and they (Literally) fall into ruins. 10/20/19Play Episode
S1E11: There be Dragons!In the depths of Khundrukar, our heroes face down their mightiest foe. Thrag goes for a swim, and Twig goes for a fun ride!9/29/19Play Episode
S1E10: Apparitions and a Dwarven RedemptionThe Party deals with ghosts and lies, while Talfeth runs smack into some family history in Khundrukar.9/22/19Play Episode
S1E9: The Sinkhole and the KeyOur First Actual Podcast! - A Reckless Move with Clanging Shields brings some smelly enemies into a killzone, and the Party fights its toughest enemy to find the Key to the Forge.9/8/19Play Episode
S1E8: Episode 7 & 8 RecapCatch up with the Pre-Podcast Season with this Episode Recap.8/25/19Play Episode
S1E7: Episode 5 &6 RecapCatch up with the Pre-Podcast Season with this Episode Recap.7/8/19Play Episode
S1E6: Episode 3 & 4 RecapCatch up with the Pre-Podcast Season with this Episode Recap.6/30/19Play Episode
S1E5: Episode 1 & 2 RecapCatch up with the Pre-Podcast Season with this Episode Recap.5/5/19Play Episode
S1E4: Player Interviews - Talfeth & TwigPlayers Talfeth (Alisa) and Twig (Mark) interviewed by DM Michael Cremean.4/7/19Play Episode
S1E3: Player Interviews - Marquail & SarielPlayers Marquail (Jakob) and Sariel (Dominic) are interviewed by DM Michael Cremean.4/7/19Play Episode
S1E2: Player Interviews - Brynn & CrispinPlayers Brynn (Leanne) and Crispin (Kale) are interviewed by DM Michael Cremean.4/7/19Play Episode
S1 E1: Reckless Moves Overview by DM Michael CremeanDungeon Master Michael Cremean outlines Reckless Moves House Rules, Modules and Homebrew Elements in the world of Greyhawk, and more for our D&D 5e game.4/7/19Play Episode